Battle Abyss Game Description


The Definitive Action-Packed Space Arcade Game


Evolution in game mechanics has led to the ultimate state of the art stereoscopic 3D gaming experience. Battle Abyss has been designed from the ground up to allow players the most visceral and breathtaking realism imaginable. Engage in a daring combat campaign to explore and conquer the vast universe where experience and ability is rewarded with incredible power.

Special Features:

  • State-of-the art active-shutter stereoscopic 3D
  • Easy interface and fast-paced action
  • Settings as rich and varied as can be found

The player starts out as a young and promising space fleet corporal carrying out complex and dangerous missions in a frontier star system. Traversing the universe and engaging in battle for dominance, the player will encounter different adversaries ranging from equals to vastly superior forces, where victory depends entirely on creativity and intellectual power. In the beginning, an instructor will assist the young pilot through fast-paced and challenging missions. As the character progresses, tasks will be carried out either alone or accompanied by a partner.

As the player advances throughout the deepest reaches of the galaxy, new and more complex models of ships become available. The character develops all the way from a pilot of a small, lightly armed trainer spacecraft to a captain of a mighty spaceship powered by an ultra-performance engine and carrying weapons of ultimate destruction.

The primary gameplay features brutal combat that takes place in open space, delivering the visceral, adrenaline-fueled experience of futuristic conflicts. The player will need to use equal parts battlefield reflexes and strategic planning, interacting with various characters both earthborn and extraterrestrial and allowing commanders to work together, utilizing specially designed multi-optional dialog windows to coordinate the weapons and battleships at their disposal to adapt to and control dynamic battlefield conditions.

Advance through grilling missions to access all three categories of star ships, each equipped with their own unique array of tools and abilities allowing the player to engage in everything from covert warfare to explosive combat!